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Performance Gym Bag

Color: Grey
Operator Camo
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The gym bag designed to be your everyday carry to and from the gym. This duffel is designed with multiple compartments for easy access to all your workout necessities, and there's a special loop so your belt can fit perfectly on your bag without getting crushed. 

Gym Bag Features

  • 20" x13" x12"
  • 51 liters
  • Belt loop slide to insert your 2POOD belt
  • Durable and secure YKK zippers
  • Cushioned valuables pocket
  • Dedicated shoe compartment
  • Built with ultra-durability to maintain its structure
  • Removable shoulder strap
  • Large, spacious main compartment.
  • Mesh pocket for knee sleeves & water bottles

Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Scott Crafts
Great product

I love the bag, it is a little bigger than I thought it was going to be but I am not sad about that. Great quality and functions

Hugo John Casey
Do some shopping

My bag came damaged firstly on one of the straps but no worries, rolled with the punches as I was looking for function over beauty. Have had it a little over 4 weeks and a separate stitching has completely ripped making the bag non-usable for the shoulder strap. It doesn’t fit my belt all too well (not 2POODs brand). Like the bad but it’s not great quality at least the first time around. Customer support has been great though, hopefully the 2nd bag they send me will be better. All in all I would do some shopping around before making this the choice

Good bag, not a great bag.

I’ve had the bag for about 4 weeks now to get some use in before reviewing.
The good: Initially feels solidly put together, the shoe compartment could comfortably fit 2 pairs of shoes or a single pair and your used gym clothing. The main compartment fits all my lifting and shower gear in with space to spare.the hidden valuables pocket is a nice idea.
The bad: After 2 weeks a carabiner on the shoulder strap broke. The shoe compartment isn’t really long enough, there’s enough room but I’m having to wedge my shoes in at an angle, I wear a uk size 9 which is about a men’s average. After 4 weeks the material used for the shoe compartment is deteriorating badly and it’s completely worn away is some places. The outside webbed pocket is easily overstretched, I did keep my knee sleeves in there but the elastic isn’t strong enough to keep anything in and now just flaps in the wind. The valuables pocket is nice but I feel it should be inside the bag rather than hidden on the outside. The inside webbed pockets should just be zipped pockets instead, there’s no real benefit to being webbed bar cost. The large outer zipped pocket is a little frustrating

Daniel Frank

Bag came damaged - bent metal clip. Bag itself is nothing special, likely sub $20 wholesale value. What is troublesome is having to pay for shipping to me, then pay to ship it back, total cost in $34 and 2Pood not offering refund for shipping a damaged product. They should inspect these things before they ship them. That said, definitely not worth the price and would recommend you look elsewhere...

Thuan T.

My main belt is a Pioneer lever belt and it does not work well with this Performance Gym Bag. I have to expand it to the biggest size for it to stay on. I have to mention it always falls off if you plan to use it with a lever style belt. Even then, the belt squeezes the bag where the belt is held. Same thing when I use a Velcro weightlifting belt from Rogue and the Pioneer cut belt. I just throw my belt inside the bag now, which defeats the purpose I bought the bag in the first place. The long zipper pocket on one size is pointless if you have your belt in the designated belt area as it prevents you from unzipping the zipper when a belt is attached. Definitely not worth the price and would recommend you look elsewhere.


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