2POOD Belt Sizing Guide

2POOD belts are the gold standard for serious lifters. That's why we're the OFFICIAL BELTS OF USA WEIGHTLIFTING, and trusted by leading athletes and olympians like Mattie Rogers, Chyna Cho and CJ Cummings.

A couple quick notes (scroll further down for a complete sizing guide):

  • Our belts are typically SMALLER in size than pants and shorts for most typical/lean builds (more on that below).
  • Our belts fit best with a 1-2" gap left when you pull both ends together *snug*.

For example, this is an ideal gap:

You don't want the ends of the belt to overlap:

Nor do you want too wide of a gap:

Your belt size is probably smaller than you think!

Because belts sit on TOP of the hips, for most standard builds, our sizing runs smaller than what you'd wear for pants, since your hips are typically wider than your waistline (where belts will sit).

If your belt doesn't fit quite right, we're happy to exchange sizes for you - but we'd love to help you get the fit right the first time!

Measuring for your Belt

Our belts are measured by WAIST size, not HIP size (which is how pants are measured).

The easiest way to measure is with a tailor's or soft measuring tape, then just use the guide below to match with your measured waist size (over your belly button).  

If you don't have a soft measuring tape, use this general guide:

For lean/typical MALE builds, the waist is typically 2 inches or so narrower than the hip (aka pant) size.

For thicker MALE builds, the waist will often match the hips, so we recommend matching to your pant sizes.

For most FEMALE builds, the waist typically runs more narrow than the hips, so we recommend 2-3 inches less than hip measurement.

Finding the Right Belt Size:

Use this table as a fit guide for BOTH types of belt (USAW straight, and Metcon). We recommend a snug fit, to ensure that the belt provides maximum support. Ideally you'd find a belt in the "perfect fit" range, but some prefer a loose fit, which works fine as well.

NOTE: Our belt sizes are unisex.

Please measure over your belly button (vs. over your hips).

2POOD Belt Size Recommended Fit


22.5" - 25.5"


25.5" - 27.5"


27.5" - 29.5"


29.5" - 31.5"


31.5" - 34.5"


34.5" - 38.5"


38.5" - 42.5"


42.5" - 46.5"


For reference, here are the belt sizes worn by some of our Team 2POOD athletes:

  • Mattie Rogers, Chyna Cho and CJ Cummings wear X-SMALL
  • Nick Urankar, Nathan Bramblett, Marcus Filly, Noah Ohlsen wear SMALL;
  • Elijah Muhammad, Sam Dancer and Brent Fikowski wear MEDIUM;


We know it's a lot of info, so please feel free to reach out if you have any questions about belt sizing! We're here to help: customerservice@2pood.com!