Rope Gator (Single Leg)


Gone are the days of the rope burns!  There is no reason to get cut up and risk infection from burns on a nasty rope that 50 other gym members have sweat all over.

The 2POOD® Rope Gators are the first product on the market designed to tackle this issue.  Green neoprene sleeve with elastic top fastener keeps it snug tight to your calf.

It features a poly anklet and an elastic strap.  The elastic strap adds protection and tightens down the ankle area.  Comfortable enough for Oly lifting and the other aspects of a WOD where rope climbs are just one element. 

Comes with 1 sleeve.  Most people only wear one to block the rope burn on the slide leg.

Sizing recommendations around the calf are difficult, but these are our best recommendations:

S - for smaller, petite women
M - for guys under 6' and girls with thicker calves
L - for over 6' with average to larger calves
XL - for large guys with very thick calves

Customer Reviews

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Perfect Christmas gift

Boyfriend loved it, except he suggests making it easier to take it off :)