Give Yourself the Gift of Self-Care


The holiday season is when we indulge and embrace the season of giving.

The holiday season is meant to be a time of joy, happiness and giving. A time where you get to enjoy the company of your family and your friends (or the family we get to choose :).

Parties, baking, and gift giving are just the beginning of what’s to come this season.

But it’s also a time where days are shorter, temperatures are dropping, and seasonal fatigue can begin to set in. It’s normal to feel overwhelmed and tired as the end of the year approaches.

There’s something to do every weekend. Gifts to get for every mom, dad, aunt, uncle, sibling, grandparent, neighbor, (the list could go on forever it seems). All of this happens while still focusing on work, family, household upkeep and your own wellbeing… and if we’re not careful, the season of cheer can quickly become the most stressful time for many people, both mentally and physically.

Although I would normally point you to the closest sale or new product we have lined up especially for the holidays, I want to take a minute to let you remember to step back and breathe if you find yourself overwhelmed and it's not even December yet (at the time of writing this).


Self-care is a super to remember through the holiday season, and it looks different for every person.

You don’t have to say “Yes” to every party or event you get invited to and you don’t have to get gifts for every person you’ve ever met.  

As the holidays grow nearer, personal fitness goals and the gym seem to grow more and more distant with fitness routines falling by the wayside and gyms becoming more and more empty.

It can be super annoying to get up before the sun when it's freezing out to walk into a cold garage to do burpees.

It’s challenging to finish the work day and the sun has passed and you have to muster up the energy to make it to class on time. 

But remember who you workout for, YOU.

You show up for no one else but yourself. And during a season where you are working hard to make everyone happy and check off all your lists.

Do not, under any circumstances, forget to take care of yourself.

Now, when I say “take care of yourself” that is also different for every athlete.

If you have no problem making time for the gym, then make sure that you are also listening to your body through the busy season. You may be crushing it in the gym, but you may also need an extra rest day to account for all the other extra things going on in your life.

The gym is a great place to burn off some steam and get away from it all for that special hour every day, but don’t beat yourself up if you can only make it there 2 times this week instead of your usual 3-4 classes a week. We are all doing our best and deserve some time to ourselves.


Self care is about listening to your body and maybe treating yourself a little extra ;). Embrace the season of giving and also the season of treating yourself to some small gifts.

Grab that $6 coffee. is it overpriced? Maybe. Does it make your day a little better? Then get it.  


Get a massage.Is it one of the more expensive options? Yes, but it is a great way to fully allow yourself to relax and unwind.


Take a walk and enjoy nature.Vitamin D is sparse in the winter months, so try to prioritize getting some sunshine when you can.


Take a trip to the sauna.It’s a great form of physical recovery and my personal favorite especially during the cold winter months. And it’s a little shorter (only about 20-40 min) of a break in a busy schedule.


Watch a movie.Either by yourself or with the fam, sit back and enjoy a feel good film this holiday season.


Read some of that book you’ve been meaning to start. The hardest part is getting started and honestly, you, like myself, could probably use a break from your phone or computer screen.


Take a day to relax. Recover/relax this season and listen to your body and don’t forget to enjoy this time with loved ones!


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