"The Ranch" Straight Weightlifting Belt


One of our most premium belts, with the performance you expect from a 2POOD straight belt, and the looks of a classic leather belt.  

We all know how uncomfortable traditional leather belts can be.  If you've ever worn one, you probably had that moment where you couldn't breathe or get out of the belt.  

Well, our "Ranch" belt is the solution.  

This high-performing 2POOD Straight belt has a stiffer leather covering that looks amazing, but sits on top of our durable, flexible belt, giving you the best of both worlds.  

Made with a covering of real distressed leather with our embossed 2POOD logo.

Named after "the Ranch", which was the original location of The Games event in Aromas, California!



The straight belt worn by the pros and olympians, like Mattie Rogers, CJ Cummings, Jacob Heppner, Amanda Barnhart, Nick Urankar, Chyna Cho and countless others.

4" straight belt option for those that desire a USAW compliant olympic weightlifting belt or prefer a little less coverage than our metcon belt series.

This belt is equipped with the WODclamp™ feature for added 1RM security!  

To learn more about the WODclamp™, check out this informational video.

Take your workout to the next level with incredible support for your abdomen and lower back -— to help you get the most out of your squats, deadlifts, hang cleans, etc.   It's ready for any workout but you'll barely know you're wearing it. Equipped with a quick-adjust steel buckle and hook-and-loop fastening system, it also allows quick release for easily moving between workouts.

Amazing looks and performs even better!