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Operator Metcon Training Belt

Size: XXS
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Our best seller is now available in our 6" Metcon belt! 

We're bringing sleek and modern to our camo.  

Striking, awesome, and unlike anything else on the market!  


  • SECURITY: This belts has a steel roller buckle and vice-grip strength velcro keeps the belt securely in place. Added value of a 2POOD® belt, is that when you are going for those maximum effort lifts, the WODclamp provides extra security to the velcro for a hold just as secure as a leather belt.

  • LIGHTWEIGHT:  The beauty of our belt is that it is lightweight, and quickly comes on/off so that you can keep moving. Much more convenient than a traditional leather belt. 

  • SUPPORT: The 2POOD® Metcon Training belt it is designed to support your lifting technique during intense WODs and general weightlifting.

  • GUARANTEE: Guaranteed for 9 months from purchase for individual use only.

  • CARE INSTRUCTIONS: keeping the velcro area clear of hair, lint and chalk will provide you with a longer lasting product. Velcro does not work when it is covered in stuff.

  • The WODClamp is a locking mechanism that secures your velcro in place, both increasing your confidence in its security, as well as decreasing the pressure and increasing the longevity of the velcro. Learn more about it here:

    The straight weightlifting belt is worn by pros and Olympic lifters like:
  • Mattie Rogers
  • CJ Cummings
  • Jacob Heppner
  • Amanda Barnhart
  • Nick Urankar
  • Chyna Cho
  • Haley Adams
  • Tasia Percevecz
  • Sam Briggs

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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 3 reviews
    Megan M
    Great belt

    Great so far! I am 5'3" ~180 with a longer torso and this belt (size M) is comfy for high percentage lifting. I don't feel like it jabs into my ribs like some straight belts I have tried.

    Darby Cooper

    Operator Metcon Training Belt

    Wade Hyder
    Metcon Training Belt

    Absolutely love my new Metcon Training Belt. The easy adjustments make it easy to go from heavy lifting to gymnastic movements.


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