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Gym Bag Essentials


No matter what kind of fitness enthusiast you are -- bodybuilder, CrossFitter, powerlifter, or weightlifter -- there seems to be a consistent “needs” list that is universal for all athletes. Regardless of where you workout, there are some workout essentials that you will most likely find in every gym bag. Below is the list, in no particular order, of the six most common essential workout accessories.


Weightlifting Belt

    • A weightlifting belt is essential workout gear for all athletes that lift heavy. Belts help you remember to engage and stabilize your core for any deadlift, squat, clean, etc. Lifting belts can also alleviate lower back stress and aid in preventing hyperextension of the back during lifts. We carry 3 different styles of belts, and you can learn more about them here.

Lifters and Cross Training Shoes

    • Having a good set of designated workout shoes are a good way to get you into your workout/sport. Like a good pair of running shoes for marathon runners, lifters are ideal for olympic weightlifters, cross trainers are ideal for CrossFit and some powerlifters swear by their converse. Whatever shoe you find works for your goals is what matters. Here are some links to some of the most popular lifting shoes in CrossFit & Oly Lifting:

Wrist Wraps

    • Wrist wraps are meant to help with wrist stabilization, strength, and protection. Wrist wraps prevent hyperextending and improper movement of the wrist while under strain of a lift. We carry a variety of designs in wrist wraps, that you can find here:


    • Grips are a great accessory for gymnastics work and grip strength. Grips are a versatile accessory that can assist an athlete for lots of different movements, while also providing protection and reducing friction that can lead to rips in the hands. Here are some of the most well-known grips:

Knee Sleeves / Knee Wraps

    • Knee sleeves or knee wraps, depending on preference, serve a similar purpose to the wrist wraps and provide stability and protection from injuries. The compression from knee sleeves helps increase blood flow and reduce pain and swelling of the knee joint. The compression from knee wraps also reduces tension and stress places on the quadricep muscles during movements, like squatting. Here are some popular 2POOD knee sleeves and Rogue wraps:


    • Straps are a great accessory for weight training and can assist your workouts while you work on grip strength. Straps help create a secure grip on a bar to reduce slipping and failing a rep. Straps help lifters continue with reps without the fear of losing grip on the barbell. Popular lifting straps:

Whether you are seasoned fitness junkie or getting ready to walk in to the gym for the first time, these accessories are essential for helping you take your workout to the next step! This list is compiled of the most common equipment used by athletes across multiple genres of fitness.


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