23.2 Tips and Tricks

Week 2 of the 2023 CrossFit Open is here! We have already seen a variety of movements from week 1, that week 2 had everyone guessing. Would we see burpees? Shuttle runs? A max lift? Well, how about all three? That's right, we have a two-part open workout again.

Here are some tips for the two-part workout that has a little bit for everyone, the burpees and running for the cardio aficionado and a max lift for our heavy hitters.

Here is the 23.2 WOD followed by our breakdown.

CrossFit Open 2023: 23.2A

Complete as many reps as possible in 15 minutes of:

5 Burpee Pull-ups

10 50' Shuttle Runs

After completiton of the shuttle runs add 5 burpee pull-up reps.

23.2 B

5:00 to find a 1RM Thruster (From the Floor)

Rx: Burpee-pull ups, shuttle runs.

Scale: Burpees, shuttle runs.

Foundations: Burpees, shuttle walks/runs.


Here are some tips to help you crush week two!


Warm Up

Let's cover all the basics for this WOD. It is two parts so we do not want to forget our movement standards and pacing for the workout.


10 minutes of easy cardio

Then 2 rounds of:

10 Alternating dead bugs

10 empty bar front squats

5 Push-up to down dog

10 Banded good mornings

0:30 Calf stretch each side

5 empty bar or PVC pipe thrusters.

Movement Practice:

3-5 Shuttle runs

3-5 Burpee pull-ups

Build up to your opening weight for the thruster.  


Before The Gym Tips

Ideally, try not to do the workout at a different time than you usually workout. Make sure to eat a good meal to fuel your workout and don't try any new foods, energy drinks, or equipment that you are not accustomed to using before the workout.

The Open is not usually the time to try out new things, aside from hitting new PRs or trying out a new gym movement.


Pacing and Thrusters

Think of your approach. Do not go out the gate at a sprint. Although it is only two movements, you will be doing a longer 15:00 AMRAP. The goal is to not spike your heart rate and keep your breathing under control.

Burpee pull-ups (RX): Once you have found the bar height that meets CrossFit's standard, you decide how you will approach the pull-up. You can perform a kipping or strict pull-ups. There is no hanging standard for the pull-up motion. You can jump into a hang then perform a kipping pull-up or jump into a strict pull-up motion. You can jump into the burpee or step down. If burpees tend to spike your heart rate quickly, opt to step in and out of the burpee instead of jumping.

Burpees (Scaled): Burpees must be performed to the full CrossFit standard and athletes must jump to the bar they bar overhead for their reps. If burpees tend to spike your heart rate quickly, opt to step in and out of the burpee instead of jumping. There will be a lot of jumping in the workout. So if you choose to jump in and out of the burpee remember you will also be jumping to a pull-up bar, putting more fatigue on your calves.

Shuttle runs: Stay consistent and avoid stutter steps or extra steps on the run. Stay tight on the runs and practice the cutting motion so you minimize extra work being done.  

The Max Thruster: This workout has two parts. Don't forget about hitting a 1 rep max thruster. This is your time to show your strength under fatigue. Make sure to practice your thruster before the workout to get an idea of how the weights will feel. When performing your thruster you can power clean and then complete your thruster or go right into a cluster. When deciding between the two, ask yourself if you are confident with the squat clean. If you are less confident in the squat clean, perform a power clean then perform your thruster.

When performing the thruster focus on aggressive hips and legs and drive your legs quickly out of the bottom of the squat.

Lifters or No Lifters? If you choose to switch into lifters for the lift remember you only have 5:00 for the lift. Have your lifters ready to slip on right as you finish the 15:00. Lifters are not a necessity but will help if you are an athlete that has trouble getting into the bottom of the squat.

Grab your belt: We may be biased, but don't forget to grab your weightlifitng belt to have on hand for added support for your max lift attempts.


2023 Open Goals

Remeber, the CrossFit open is a chance to test yourself and see your fitness progress over the years. If you have never had the opportunity to test a 1RM thruster go into this workout excited for a new test!

We can't wait to see what PRs and big lifts everyone hits this week!


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Accessories for Crushing the Open

Metamorphosis Weightlifting Belt - 2POOD

Operator Straight Weightlifting Belt - 2POOD

Metamorphosis Weightlifting Belt - 2POOD

Operator Straight Weightlifting Belt - 2POOD

Metamorphosis Weightlifting Belt - 2POOD

Operator Straight Weightlifting Belt - 2POOD

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