Love Bug WOD

What is the season of love without sharing one of your favorite hobbies with your S.O.?

This year take some time, grab your S.O., your BFF, or your gym crush, and hit this Love Bug Partner WOD.


5:00 Easy cardio of choice.

This can be a 5:00 easy jog, row, bike, ski, jump rope, etc. Whatever will get you to constantly move at an easy conversational pace at the beginning of the warm-up.


2 rounds of

10 Alternating Dead Bugs

10 Alternating leg crossover kicks

5 Russian Baby Makers

10 Squat Jumps

5 Push-up to downward facing dog.

Movement tips:

Dead bugs:Laying on your back, push your lower back into the ground with arms raised over your chest and knees bent. While continuing to push your lower back into the ground move your right arm back into a straight line next to your head. Move the leg across from your extended arm into a straight line. While your right arm and left leg are outstretched keep your left arm and right leg bent. Alternate sides for the 10 reps.

Crossover kicks:This movement is performed while lying on the ground. Arms stretched out in a T formation. Take your left leg and "swing" it to the right side of your body. Alternate with your right leg and continue for the allotted reps.

Russian Baby Makers:Put your feet a little wider than where you would normally squat, toes turned out only slightly, and lean down to grab the tops of your feet. Bend your knees a bit and push your elbows back inside your thighs toward your groin with your elbows slightly bent. Push your elbows out against the insides of your thighs as you drop your hips until you’re in a partial squat, pushing out hard with the elbows, and resting at least part of your body weight on the arms so that your own weight further spreads the thighs.

Squat Jumps:Perform a standard air squat. Once you are at the bottom of a squat you will begin to rise up but instead of reaching full extension and standing up, you will jump out of the bottom of the squat. This is a quick and explosive hop out of the squat. Then when you finished the quick jump you will recoil back into the bottom of the squat position.

Push-up to downward-facing dog:Begin in a high plank position on your palms. Then begin to shift your weight down to the ground while keeping your elbows close to your ribs and keeping your hips and shoulders in a straight line. Once you've come to a full-range bottom push-up position, you will push off the ground and hinge your hips as you come up. Once you have reached full extension you will push your head through your shoulders and look back at your legs (this is the downward dog position). After you have pushed through your shoulders and feel a good stretch through your hamstring, begin to reset back to the high plank and repeat movement for allotted reps.

The Love Bug WOD 💕

7 Rounds for time with a partner.

7 Cleans

14 Box Jumps

2 Ring Muscle Ups

14 Bar Facing Burpees

7 Deadlifts

You go, I go style partitioning.

Partner 1 will complete the full reps on one movment while partner 2 rests. When partner 1 has completed the reps of the movement, partner 2 will begin to do the same movement and reps. This will continue for the 28:00 AMRAP.

RX+: Barbell: 185/125lbs. 30"/24" box jumps

RX: 155/105lbs bar, bar muscle ups in place of ring muscle ups. 30"/24" box jumps.

Scaled: 115/75lbs bar, jumping bar muscle ups, or double the reps and complete chest to bar pull-ups. 24"/20" box jumps.

Scaling tips:

Scale the weight: Scale weight so that you can perform 7 quick singles OR touch-and-go reps. Further scales would be 95/65lbs, 75/55lbs, or 45/35lbs snatches. The cleans should also be power cleans, if you need to squat clean, scale to a weight you can power clean. You will be able to deadlift heavier than you clean. Choose one barbell weight to use throughout the entirety of the workout.

Scaling the gymnastics:Ring muscle ups (RMU) are a very advanced gymnastics skill. You can also perform the same level of reps for bar muscle-ups (BMU). There are a lot of scaling options for BMU. You can do banded BMU or jumping bar muscle-ups if you are comfortable with the movement. If you have not had a chance to practice bar muscle-ups, you can scale to chest-to-bar pull-ups. This can also be scaled to banded chest to bar, jumping chest to bar, or kipping chin over the bar pull-ups.

Box jumps:The first scaling option for the box jumps is to lower the height of the box. The next scaling option is to perform alternating box step-ups instead of box jumps. Do Not perform box step-ups on a 30" box.

Bar Facing Burpees: You can opt to step over the barbell instead of performing a two foot hop over the bar as a scale.

Want More? 💕

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