How to Beat the Gym Stink.

How to Beat The Gym Bag Stink!

Open your gym bag right now and tell me what you smell. Is it fresh-cut flowers, or more like the inside of a locker room?

It is no secret that if you workout out, you sweat and maybe start to smell. Whether it's your shoes, knee sleeves, wrist wraps, or your entire gym bag, the gym funk tends to make its way to you. Things start to get funky and can be hard to clean or wash properly. The smell can also be so strong that it will travel and spread across your entire bag making everything begin to smell! And if you keep your bag in a car or locker you can bet that smell will begin to permiate across whereever your bag is being kept.

Rather than going out and buying an all-new gym bag, or getting rid of those lucky wrist wraps, take the more sustainable approach of using an all-natural alternative to keep your gym gear smelling fresh and keeping them clean.

When tossing your equipment isn't an option look for an all-natural alternative. Our deodorizing spray is made of all-natural ingredients, including essential oils that are designed to eliminate odors and disinfect your smelly gym gear.

The strong citrus scent fights harsh odor and helps with the longevity of your backpacks, knee sleeves, wrist wraps, and more!

What is making my gym bag, shoes, and wrist wraps smell so bad?

Sweat and bacterial growth from excess moisture are no strangers to your gym equipment. The more you sweat the more moisture gets on your various equipment which creates breeding grounds for smelly bacteria. To get rid of the smell you need to eliminate the bacteria growing in and on your bags, shoes, knee sleeves, etc.

What are essential oils?

You may be asking yourself, "What are essential oils, and what will they do to help with my gym bag stench?"

Essential oils are concentrated plant extracts that help retain the natural scent and smell of the plant being extracted. These plant extracts are then mixed with oil to help transfer the scent through the desired medium. Essential oils are often then used for freshening up laundry and aromatherapy.

What are essential oils used for?

Essential oils are often then used for freshening up laundry, aromatherapy, bug repellent, and in cosmetic production. It is common for essential oils to be used for laundry, floor cleaning, all-pupose cleaning, and morehousehold cleaning.

What essential oils are in our deodorizing spray?

The ingredients for our deodorizing spray include tangerine oil, lemongrass oil, neroli oil and water. That's it!

Tangerine oil:A sweet, tangy aroma, similar to other citrus oils. Known for its cleansing properties.

Lemongrass oil:A powerful, citrus scent.Used to kill germs and other bacteria.

Neroli oil:A rich, floral scent, with citrusy overtones.Hasantifungal properties.

What can I use the deodorizing spray for?

Our deodorizing spray is skin safe, but is designed to work for your belts, bags, knee sleeves, wrist wraps, shoes, or other hard to clean gym gear! The spray can be used on any of your gear that gets stinky due to sweat and bacteria grown from excess moisture on your equipment.

Should You Invest in Deodorizing Spray?

Next time you are going through your bag and everything seems to be coverd in a layer of dried sweat and smelly odor, grab your best defense against the gym funk! Our 5 star belt and bag deordorizing spray.Grab yourself some deodorzing spray and carry your gym bag with confiedence!

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