WODclamp:  Everything you need to know


If you follow 2POOD® on any of its social media outlets or have been perusing the latest and greatest in belts on the interwebs, you have probably seen us talking about the new WODclamp. What is it?  We added an option for a ridged slider bar on our buckles that allows the webbing to be… Read more »

The Open – Psychology for not so average Joes


“Efforts are not enough without purpose” -JFK So, its that time of year again.  Social media is buzzing about preparing for the CrossFit(r) Games Open sponsored by Reebok(r), coaches keep talking about it and everyone is signing up.  This year, I sat back and did something that I don’t do nearly enough … I asked… Read more »

The Plateau of Compromise


“Only perfect practice makes perfect.” -Vince Lombardi So you’ve been a high-intensity exerciser for some time now. Two years, three? The honeymoon period is over, and now you have to work for every pound added, every second shaved. You’re doing all the right things- loud music, lucky shorts, no shirt to maximize aerodynamics- so why… Read more »

Reference guide to #2POOD shorts models

Screen Shot 2016-01-23 at 8.26.56 AM

A Quick Comparison of the #2POOD Men’s Shorts Models So at 2POOD we have been fine-tuning the game of shorts specialized for CrossFit athletes since before most of the world had even heard of CrossFit.  We get the question a lot about what are the difference in the types of men’s WOD Shorts that we offer… Read more »

The Original

Games2012_Froning_Pistol copy

#2POOD Performance is the grand-daddy of the #CrossFit(R) gear world.  Born in 2009 and as seen at the 2010 Games on the greatest functional fitness Champion and arguably fittest man of all time.  Since our debut, we have continued to hone and perfect our line and feature the most functional, expressive, creative, comfortable and intense… Read more »