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Custom Belt

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Customer Reviews

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Sean OHara
Really good

The belt is quality material. The staff I worked with was great making sure they did their best to get what I wanted on the belt. The image came out a little darker then it looked in the proof. Also the belt size was off from the chart by a little. It was however a great experience and a great belt. Highly recommend

Lesley Procter
Custom belt

Lived the design but the loop holding the buckle frayed within a week

Luis Perez
Not at all what I hoped for

I am a power lifter. I was hoping to find a belt of quality and strength that I could make as a tribute to my son. Not only was this belt absolutely NOT what I was looking for: not enough lumbar support, not thick enough, custom design was nothing like I expected/hoped, and the design support team was uncommunicative, not to mention that the assembly and delivery took weeks longer than advertised. I could go on… I can see the belts benefit if I were a CrossFit athlete, however for me and my sport it has been unhelpful.

Kevin Endes
Great concept with small inconveniences

The belt functions as advertised and I don't lift very heavy so it fit my basic needs. The velcro helps with the micro adjustments I feel all lifters crave. You can get the right support for your needs. The custom design was a fun process thanks to Tim Donegan. The process was far too lengthy yet he made it a fun and engaging process with a lot of understanding on his part. The concept/ graphic design team knocked it out of the park in terms of listening to requests and fulfilling whilst also being intuitive. My main gripes are the lengthy process to receive my belt and the 2POOD logo being so large. I understand it to a certain extent in regards to product placement and advertising yet it was overkill. I get the velcro is universal to each belt so that logo is the same for all yet it could be tweaked in regards to letting the custom nature of the belt be the main focus. It is in fact a aesthetic choice on behalf of the customer and they should have their personality encompassing the entire belt. Mayne place it on the inside of the belt. Word of mouth is still going to help push product more than a logo will.

Jordan Hancock
Pineapple skull custom

First of all, the belt looks SO BADASS!!!! Safe to say the folks at my gym are slightly envious of the epic work y'all put into it! The quality is also amazing, I’ve borrowed belts from others that they’ve gotten from you so I knew it would be perfect. I’ve also hit 3 PR’s so far with it!!! Perfect combo of my vision and function, I can’t thank you enough especially during the design process which was painless (special thanks to Tim Donegan for that as well!)