Use the guides below for our knee sleeves (new Spring 2019), and our Oly Shin sleeves and Rope Gators.


Use the sizing chart below to determine which size knee sleeve is best for you. 

How to Size: We recommend measuring the circumference of the calf around the thickest part - typically 10cm below the knee cap.

Note:If you’re looking for a tighter, more competition fit, consider selecting a sleeve one sizeSMALLER than the chart suggests.


 2POOD Size Upper Calf Circumference
XX SMALL 29 - 31 cm
X SMALL 31 - 33 cm
SMALL 33 - 35 cm
MEDIUM 35 - 37 cm
LARGE 37 - 40 cm
X LARGE 40 - 43 cm
XX LARGE 43 - 46 cm




For shin sleeves and rope gators, used to protect you during rope climbs, use the following guidelines / recommendations.

  • SMALL (Women’s) – for petite women
  • MEDIUM – for short guys and thicker legged ladies
  • LARGE – typically for taller guys (over 6’1″ or so) that have good sized calves
  • X LARGE – for big dudes (often > 220 lbs, or just “football big”)