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2POOD Ambassador Program


Passionate 2POOD Brand Ambassadors

Our team is looking for driven people who love the 2POOD brand and want to be a part of sharing and growing it. As a part of Team 2POOD, you’ll be representing a brand that specializes in head-turning, edgy gear for the competitive athlete. We want to provide the gear, apparel, and inspiration to help men and women Lift Heavy everywhere.

Team 2POOD Benefits:

  • 30% personal discount off the ENTIRE 2POOD collection
  • A 10% friends, family, and followers discount that when used, you will get a 15% kickback of in store creditwhen your code is used!
  • Be included in product development process and ideas as we gear up for new releases.
  • The potential for posts and shout outs on the official 2POOD social media accounts so you can continue to grow your following.
  • The potential to be a part of booths at Crossfit and USAW events as needed (location dependent)

Requirements to Apply

  • Must have an active social presence on Instagram
  • Instagram must be public
  • While we will sometimes make exceptions for someone who has great potential, generally, we are looking for ambassadors with a minimum of 1000 followers
  • Currently own and train in 2POOD belt(s) / apparel

Monthly Responsibilities

  • Create brand-related content featuring 2POOD apparel/belts on your Instagram account using the hashtags #2pood and #team2POOD. We require at least 3 Instagram posts per month (IG Stories are not included in this number).  
  • You must take clear, quality pictures showcasing 2POOD apparel/belts, and agree to the use of your photos across our social media platforms, websites and other advertising purposes.
  • Personal discount is for the ambassador and spouse only. Friends, family, and followers discount is for everyone else. We will review monthly purchases to ensure the personal discount is not abused.
  • Commit to posting content that is pushed out from the 2POOD marketing team to Team 2POOD for special promos, releases, sales, and more. (Note: this wouldn’t exceed 1 post per month, and may be less than that.)
  • Be responsive to all forms of communication and interactions.
  • 2POOD reserves the right to terminate the ambassador agreement if the ambassador does not adhere to the guidelines outlined above.

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