Are you in?!?

2POOD and AfroBrutality Sports collaborate to create Afroskull Kettlebell Club t-shirt!  Now available in 5 colors in the 2POOD online store.

Chris Pace of Team 2POOD completes the Journey of Freedom

Captain Chris Pace, a long-time member of Team 2POOD, completed a physical and mental feat on September 10-11, 2011 in order to raise money for the Disposable Heroes Project. Chris started at Arlington Cemetery and biked for 150 miles where he will run 100 miles to NYC at Ground Zero. He is doing this by himself, straight… Read more »

2POOD creates custom WOD Shorts for SEALfit

2POOD and SEALfit teamed up to create a pair of WOD shorts perfect for Forging Mental Toughness.  These are tough enough to stand up to one of their renound work capacity WODs.  Check out their programming but be ready for a challenge!